Types of Employment

The university offers four types of employment opportunities that include regular student employment and work study.

  • Regular Student Employment: Consists of jobs for students who did or did not qualify for financial aid. These jobs are open to all students meeting the eligibility requirements.
  • Federal Work Study Employment: Federal Work Study is awarded as part of the financial aid package based on demonstrated financial need. Students are eligible to earn up to the amount listed on their financial aid award letter and part of their wages will be subsidized by the federal government. Work study positions will be noted in the postings. Student not eligible for work study can apply for a regular student employment position or internship.
  • Community Service: The University offers several off campus work study positions in the community of off campus agencies. These positions require work study and are also posted on the Student Employment website.
  • Internships: Consist of both regular and work study opportunities. An internship provides students with direct experience in a work setting and allows them to apply what they have learned from faculty in the classroom. It is an exchange of services for experience between the student and an organization that also allows students the opportunity to explore their career interests, address specific learning outcomes, and receive supervision and coaching from professionals in the field.
    • An internship may or may not offer academic credit. If students complete an internship for academic credit they must write a paper, complete a project, or do other assignments as required by the supervising faculty member.
    • An internship may or may not offer pay. This is determined by the organization for which the student is working.