Payroll Information

Before you can be placed on the payroll, the required hiring forms must be completed.

Once you have been placed on the payroll, you will be responsible for properly documenting the hours you have worked on the Salaried Non-Exempt / Hourly Time Sheet and Benefit Usage Report unless your department utilizes a time clock. Students are not permitted to work during scheduled classes or examinations.

  • Time must be reported to the nearest one hundredth (.01) of an hour.
  • Overtime to be paid must be shown on the appropriate line on the timesheet.
  • Timesheets must be completed and signed by both the employee and supervisor before they are returned to Payroll. Unsigned timesheets delay the processing of payroll.
  • Timesheets used should be the ones available on the HRS website. Substitutes are not accepted.
  • No employee is expected to sign a blank timesheet and the employee and supervisor should initial all changes to the hours on the timesheet.

Please review the following sections carefully: