Got the Job! What Next?

Congratulations! Welcome to employment at Northern Illinois University. The following will assist you in understanding the next steps and what you should know and do to have a successful and meaningful experience.

  1. Make sure you maintain eligibility.
  2. Complete your hiring packet. This will be done with your employing department. If you previously had a position at the University within the last year, unless your information has changed you will not need to complete new forms. The forms you are required to submit in order to get paid are as follows:
    • Personal Data Form [link]
    • I-9 Form - The top section of this form needs to be completed on the first day of employment and Section II on or before day 3. Documents required for Section 2 are listed on page 9 of the form. [link]
    • Mandated Reporter – This form is required on or before the first day of employment. [link]
    • Ethics Act Orientation – This form is required on the first day of employment, if possible, but no later than 30 days after the effective date of employment. [link]
    • W-4 [link]
    • Declaration of Status – This form is to comply with new retirement system requirements. [link]
    • Other forms:
      • Authorization for Release of information – Required for security sensitive positions. [link]
      • Foreign National Information Form – Required for international students. [link]
  3. Understand how to get paid [see Payroll information]

Students may not begin working until their eligibility has been verified and authorization approved.