Team NIU

Team NIU

Help make move-in day a great experience for our future Huskies!

Team NIU volunteers help greet new residents, unload vehicles and carry belongings into rooms in the residence halls during move-in day on Friday, August 23 from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and organizations are all welcome to help.

All individual and group volunteers must register to help with Team NIU. You'll also get the official Team NIU shirt: only registered volunteers wearing this shirt can help residents move in. Volunteers may have to do some heavy lifting.

In the weeks before move-in day, you'll receive instructions from us on accessing the online Team NIU training session (it's short!) and how to pick up your shirt.

Registration is Closed

Thanks for your interest in joining Team NIU! Registration is closed until next fall. Find out about other things happening during Welcome Days.


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When would you or your group like to volunteer? Select multiple shifts if you'd like!

During Team NIU training we'll tell you everything you need to know about volunteering on move-in day. The one-hour training is required for everyone volunteering, and it's the secret to Team NIU's success! 😉

Are you registering for yourself or for your organization?

Where would youyour organization prefer to volunteer? Put the residence halls in order of your preference.

We'll try our best to honor your preference, but we can't guarantee that youyour organization will be placed at your preferred hall depending on how many volunteers we have.

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In the fall I am living...

Team NIU volunteers living on campus in the fall can move in a day early free of charge. Would you like to move in early?

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Tell us about everyone that will be participating. Don't forget to add yourself if you're also volunteering!

And if more than 10 people will be volunteering from your organization, it'll help us out if you can split into groups of up to 10 people and fill out this form once for each group.

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You've got a big group. That's awesome! You can still add a few more members, but if possible, try to split into groups of up to 10 people, and complete this form once for each group. That'll make it easier for us to distribute volunteers across campus.

Thank you!

It's volunteers like you that make Team NIU a success. Check your email for a confirmation.