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Need a meeting room for your organization's upcoming event? We have a number of rooms available on campus in Grant, Neptune and Stevenson residence halls.

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Can I request a reservation?

  1. Your organization must be recognized by the Student Association.
  2. Everyone participating in your event must follow the Residence Hall Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct.
  3. You can't bring any outside food, but you can have Campus Dining cater your event (and they have a huge catering menu!)
  4. You must be able to explain how your event furthers our mission.
  5. Your organization must be affiliated with housing.
Room Technology
Grant D Formal Room 133 Computer, projector, sound.
Neptune Northeast Room 110
Neptune Southeast Room 109 Computer, projector, sound.
Neptune Smart Classroom 120 Computer, projector, sound.
Stevenson North (C/D) Fishbowl 103
Stevenson North Multipurpose Room 113 Computer, projector, sound.
Stevenson South (A/B) Fishbowl 185
Stevenson South Smart Classroom 175 Computer, projector, sound.

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