COVID-19 Testing for Students Living in the Residence Halls

You must take a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test before you can move into your room. Tests are available at health care providers and at Illinois community-based testing sites. Northwestern Medicine offers multiple testing locations, which you can download from their site.

You must:

  • Check with your insurance provider, since you're responsible for costs not covered by insurance.
  • Schedule an appointment in advance, if needed.
  • Get tested within seven days of your move-in date, no earlier.
  • Share the results with NIU at least 24 hours before your move-in date.

If your test is negative, you'll be able to move in. If it's positive, you'll need to isolate at home for 14 days. We'll work with you to schedule a move-in date when you're cleared from quarantine.

Students who are having difficulty getting an order for COVID-19 testing from a doctor should call the Northwestern Medicine Student Health Center at NIU at 815-306-2777 to get a physician order. This order will allow students to get tested at a Northwestern Medicine COVID-19 testing site

When calling for your physician order, you will need to know the location of the clinic you plan to visit. Your order will be written for that specific location. Once you select your location, you may only visit that location to get your test. Please be aware that, depending on your insurance coverage, co-pays or deductibles may apply

If you are on Medicaid or have insurance coverage challenges, please call the DeKalb County Health Department at 815-748-2403 for more information on testing.

Submitting Phone Call Test Results New

We have developed and tested a method for you to upload a recording of your test results.

If you can locate a free test site, you can record, save and download the phone call test results by following these instructions. Also, you must follow the instructions for uploading your file with Housing and Residential Services as detailed in the email you received after reserving your move-in date.

After you have completed your COVID-19 PCR Test and have been notified that your results are ready, follow these instructions: 

  • We recommend you check your device to make sure you have the proper application on your device for recording a call. These links will help you find those apps:
  • When you call your testing site, ask the respondent, “Can I record this call for the purpose of sending my results to Northern Illinois University?
  • For iPhone: Use “Voice Memos” function to record the conversation and create an MP4/MP3 file.
  • For Android: Use “Voice Recorder” function to record the conversation and create an MP4/MP3 file
  • Once you have saved your file, create a file name using your first initial and last name. Example: vhuskie
  • Upload your file according to the instructions in your move-in reservation email that you received from Housing and Residential Services.
  • Once your file has been successfully uploaded, you should receive another email confirming submission of your results.

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