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Community Handbook

The Northern View Community Handbook (PDF 1.87 MB) provides a guide for living on campus that promotes a safe, secure, and comfortable environment in which all residents can live.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I have guests stay with me?Yes, you can have guests stay with you. Guests are permitted to stay with you for a limited period; extensions can be obtained by submitting a written request to the Northern View Community Director. Hosts are responsible at all times for the conduct of their visitors.
  2. What public schools will children who live in Northern View Community attend?  Students in Elementary School will attend: Malta Elementary School  5068 State Rte. 38, Malta, IL - 815-825-2081, Fax: 815-825-2082 Students in Middle School will attend: Clinton Rosette Middle School  650 N. First St., DeKalb, IL - 815-754-2226, Fax: 815-758-1097 Students in High School will attend: DeKalb High School  1515 S. Fourth St., DeKalb, IL - 815-754-2100, Fax: 815-754-2156For more information please visit http://www.dist428.org/.
  3. How do I pay my rent? You will receive a bill each semester on your student account through the Office of the Bursar.
  4. Can I sublet my apartment? No, you cannot sublet or allow anyone to live in your apartment that is not listed on your contract. If you need to make changes to your living arrangements, please see the Northern View Community Director.
  5. What if I want to change apartments? Students are required to stay in the apartment for which they signed their contract. At the end of each contract period, we allow changes in apartment units according to availability.
  6. Do I have to move out if I am no longer an NIU student? Yes, Northern View Community is for NIU students, their dependents, or spouses/partners only. One person in the unit must be a student at NIU, and the NIU student must be the primary contract holder.
  7. Can I be released from my contract? Read about contract release requests.
  8. Can I use portable storage such as PODS and SAM? No. We do allow moving companies and/or moving vehicles such as UHAUL and PENSKE.
  9. Do kitchen appliances come with the apartment? Yes, all apartment kitchens are equipped with a stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator. Apartments also include a washer and dryer.
  10. Where do I receive my mail? Your mail will be delivered to your box, which is located beside the Northern View Community Center.
  11. Is there Internet access? Yes, high-speed Internet access is available in all units and in the computer lab in the Community Center.
  12. Am I required to have a meal plan? No, meal plans are not required for Northern View Community residents, but you do have the option to purchase one. Huskie Bucks can be purchased in advance or on campus and used at many locations on and off campus accepting Huskie Bucks.
  13. Does the University cover my belongings if they are damaged or stolen? No, the University encourages all residents to acquire a renter’s insurance policy to cover personal belongings.
  14. Does NIU Public Safety patrol Northern View Community? Yes, Northern View Community is part of the NIU campus and is patrolled regularly by Public Safety officers.
  15. Is parking available? Yes, a parking lot is located at Northern View Community. Orange or blue parking permits are required. For more information visit Campus Parking Services at www.niu.edu/parking.
  16. Are there storage spaces? No, unfortunately we cannot provide storage space. However, there are various storage companies near the NIU campus.
  17. Is there a service available for cleaning my unit? No, the common areas and grounds will be cleaned and maintained regularly; however, apartment residents are responsible for keeping their unit in a clean and safe condition.
  18. Can I use a halogen lamp? No, due to safety concerns, halogen lamps may not be used, possessed, or stored in Northern View Community.
  19. Can I smoke in my unit? In accordance with the Smoke-Free Campus Act, which prohibits smoking on all Illinois state-supported higher education institutions including public university and community college campuses, smoking is prohibited on all Campus Property.
  20. Can I have alcoholic beverages in my unit? Yes, if you are age 21 or older, you may possess alcoholic beverages in your apartment. However, the door to your unit must be closed while alcoholic beverages are being consumed.
  21. Can I have pets? No pets, except small fish, are allowed in your apartment.
  22. Can I burn candles in my apartment? No candles, incense, or oil lamps, etc., are to be burned in your apartment. No devices with open flames or exposed heating elements are permitted.
  23. Can I grill outside? Yes, grilling may be done outside of the apartment units. All grilling must be done at at an appropriate distance from any building.
  24. Do I need to bring furniture? Yes, you are responsible for furnishing your apartment. All apartments are unfurnished.
  25. Can I afford to live at Northern View Community? All Northern View Community applicants should apply for Financial Aid by completing a FASFA.  Your financial aid may not cover the entire cost of an apartment at Northern View Community and you should plan to use other resources to cover those expenses.  You should speak with a Financial Aid Advisor/counselor and develop a better understanding of what will be and what will not be covered by your Financial Aid award.  Please call Financial Aid (815) 753-1395, or visit the office in Swen Parson Hall, Room 245.

If you have a question we did not answer, you can find more information by calling 815-753-8439.

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