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Honors Capstone

As an Honors student, you will apply the finishing touch to your last year of undergraduate work with a special capstone course - an individualized project, thesis or study undertaken with the supervision of a faculty member of your choice.

NOTE: Students completing the capstone are required to make an appointment with the assistant director for advising and to obtain the capstone approval (signature) page that must accompany the capstone application.

Recent University Honors Capstones

College of Business

The Feasibility of a Student Employed Not-for-Profit Consulting Business Run out of the NIU College of Business

College of Education

The Price of Silence: Safety and Societal Problems Caused by the Lack of Discussion about LGBT Issues in Schools

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Design and Material Selection for a CO2-Powered Portable Beverage Cooler

College of Health and Human Sciences

Equine Therapy: An Alternative Approach to Traditional Therapies

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

How to Save the World: A Memoir of Volunteerism in Guatemala

The Degradation of Rubisco during Senescence of Common Crop Plants

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Kaleidoscope Heart: An Exercise in Perception through Optics