luginbillKevin Luginbill

Ph.D. Program

Fields: British Empire, Global History, Intellectual History

 Advisor: Sean Farrell


I am a third-year Ph.D. candidate exploring the intellectual history and ideological justifications for empire in late-nineteenth and early twentieth-century Britain. My dissertation is tentatively titled "Building an Imperial World: Ideologies of Imperialism and the Tariff Reform Movement in the British Empire, 1900-1914." My work focuses on the Edwardian-era Tariff Reform campaign of Joseph Chamberlain, who sought to reform Britain's economic relationship with its colonies to lay the foundation for the creation of an imperial federation between Britain and the colonies. The arguments and ideas deployed in support or opposition to this scheme of imperial federation reveal the diverse and often contradictory ways in which the British people conceptualized and understood their relationship with their vast empire. 

Generous funding for archival research was made possible in part from North American Conference on British Studies' Pre-Dissertation Grant in 2016, as well as the Northern Illinois History Department's Large Grant in 2015-2016.