losavioJoAnn LoSavio

Ph.D. Program

Fields: Southeast Asia, 20th Century, Decolonization, Transnational History, Women in Education, Burma/Myanmar, Malaya, Oral History.

Proposed Dissertation title: After Empire: Burmese & Malayan Women and Tertiary Education in the Metropole, 1948–1969.

Advisor: Trude A. Jacobsen

Contact: jlosavio@niu.edu


My project focuses on the historical transnational and transcultural processes and consequences of “overseas” education of women. It does so by examining adolescent Southeast Asian women from the ex-British Colonies of Burma and Malaya in the 1950s and 1960s, the period immediately following decolonization. A number of young women from these former colonies pursued tertiary educations, both at the university and vocational level, in the former Metropole, Britain. Some were funded by state scholarships, others by private means. How did these young Burmese and Malayan women navigate gendered social, cultural and state landscapes through their pursuit of higher education? How were they shaped by, and in turn how did they shape, the historical moment they occupied, post de-colonisation and during the cultural shifts of the 1950s and 1960s?

Recent Grants, Fellowships & Awards:

  • Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS, U.S. State Dept.)
  • Summer Award $4,000 tuition and $2,500 Summer stipend.
  • SEASSI Burmese Language Study at University of Wisconsin, Madison Campus - 8 Week Intensive Program - June 13-August 5, 2016.


  • Vice President of the History Graduate Student Association at NIU
  • HGSA Annual Conference Organizer 2016

CV Academic Summer 2016