kwosekSusan Kwosek

Ph.D. Program

Fields:  Atlantic History, Immigration, West African History

Dissertation Advisor:  Aaron Fogleman
Full Committee:  Aaron Fogleman, Ismael Montana, Barbara Posadas, Karen Richman (Notre Dame)

Dissertation Title:  TBD


My interest in Haitian Vodou has directed my research as an undergraduate and graduate student in the Anthropology Department at NIU where I received my B.A. and my M.A. before coming to the Department of History to work on my Ph.D.  My research has taken many forms from library research, to fieldwork in the United States and in Haiti, to oral history and examination of primary sources ranging from altars to artwork to social media. I have followed the data where it has led, beginning in Africa and the Middle East, through the Caribbean and to the United States. I maintain long-term relationships with my research participants and have worked with the same family lineage and community since 2005, bracing through Hurricane Dean in Haiti with them and suffering long-distance as we lost one third of our community during the earthquake in 2010. It is only through the generosity, hospitality and openness of these people that my research has been made possible.

2015 - Was hired by Chicago State University to teach classes in the GSHAA (Geography, Sociology, History, African American Studies, & Anthropology) Department.

  • New West Indian Guide (NWIG) 84 3&4 (2010).
  • Book Review: Haitian Vodou: Spirit, Myth, and Reality. Patrick Bellegarde-Smith & Claudine Michel (eds.) Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2007. xvii + 161 pp. (Paper US$ 24.95)