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Graduate Students

M.A. Candidates

Ph.D. Candidates

HGSA - History Graduate Student Association

M.A. Candidates

Name Fields of Study
Amanda Allen 20th Century U.S.; Mexico; Immigration & Migration
Zachary Bishop Medieval; Renaissance
Thomas Brown Southeast Asia; US Foreign Relations; Cambodia
Alex Carlson Ireland
Cameron Foreman 20th Century Philippines 
Cameron Halas Russia; Global
Andrew Hundley 20th Century US; Government
Frank Kaliskik 19th Century US; Civil War
Kelly Kass 19th Century US
Alexander Kennedy Colonial US, Modern Europe
Richard Maska 19th Century US; Civil War & Canadian Confederation
Jonathan Munyon 19th Century US; Post-Civil War African Americans
Hannah Palsa 20th Century US, Canine History, Public History
Palak Patel 20th Century US; US Foreign Relations
Nathaniel Pendergraft British Empire in South Africa; Public History
Kallen Terry Asia
Matthew Timko US; Legal; Environmental
Kathryn Voight Modern Europe; Germany; Holocause Period; Gender
William Wojtkiewicz US Diplomatic, Global


Ph.D. Candidates

Name Fields of Study
LeNie Adolphson 20th Century US; Grassroots Society & Culture; Social Movements; 
John Alcalde US Law & Society; Modern Britain; Mexico
Ian Burns British Empire; French Empir;, Humanitarianism/Human Rights
Edward Byrd US; African American Political & Economic
Katrina Chludzinski Southeast Asia 1800-1950; British Empire; Family History
Heeyoung Choi Choson & Colonial Korea; Southeast Asia; Ethnomusicology
Alex Craver 20th Century Russia/Soviet Union; Environmental
Nicole Dressler Early America; British Empire; Labor
Kylie Fendrick Latin America; Colonialism; Brazil; Health & Medicine
Joshua Fulton 19th Century US; Europe; Migration & Slavery
Justin Iverson Atlantic World; African Diaspora; Early America
Susan Kwosek Atlantic World; Africa; US Immigration & Ethnicity
JoAnn LoSavio Southeast Asia; Modern US
Kevin Luginbill British Empire; Japanese Empire; U.S. Foreign Relations
Matthwe Maletz Modern & Colonial Latin America; Urban History
Thomas Mangione Ireland & England Schools; Catholic Church
Robert Marach Modern US; Atlantic World; Africa
Joseph Rejsek Religion; Latin America
John Marc Reynolds 20th Century US; African American; Modern Latin America
Alexander Sosenko 20th Century Europe; Soviet & Ukraine; Immigration/Diaspora & Ethnic Violence
Journey Steward Comparative Gender & Sexuality; British Empire; American Migration & Community
Victoria Stewart US Law & Society; Civil Violence; American Revolution
Lily Ann Villaraza Southeast Asia; Colonialism & Culture; US Immigration & Ethnicity


HGSA - History Graduate Student Association

November 3, 2017 - 10th Annual HGSA Conference

2017-2018 Officers

President - Kylie Fendrick

Vice President - Justin Iverson

Secretary - Kelly Kass

Treasurer - Alex Sosenko

Conference Coordinator 2017 - Justin Iverson

Conference Committee - 

Departmental Graduate Colloquium Committee - Hannah Palsa

PhD Representative for Graduate Committee - Alex Sosenko

MA Representative for Graduate Committee - Hannah Palsa

Exploratory & Fundraising Committee - Will Wojkiewicz

University Colloquium Committee - Kevin Luginbill

Undergraduate/History Club Liasion:  Kelly Kass

Website Committee -