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Helping Myself

  • If you are having suicidal thoughts know that there are resources for you and people who can help you. You do not need to go through this alone.
    • Reach out to a friend, family member
    • Make an appointment at NIU CCS
    • Call a crisis hotline
  • If you feel that you are in immediate danger please call emergency services or go to the nearest hospital.
  • Get Help Now
  • If you are feeling hopeless or helpless know that you are not alone and there are many people who care and are willing to help you. If this feeling of hopelessness persists it is important that you reach out to friends, family, loved ones, or someone you can confide in and let them know you need help.
  • It is important that you identify what is making you feel this way and if possible rectify it.
  • If you feel that it is not getting better or you suspect that you are depressed it is important that you reach out for help.
  • Taking care of yourself is pertinent but recognize that sometimes it requires help, Northern Illinois University Counseling and Consultation Services welcomes walk-in appointments and will provide you with someone to confide in.
  • If you have lost someone to suicide you may find yourself questioning as to what happened and why it happened. You may find yourself upset, angry, confused, guilty, or abandoned and it is important that you know you are not alone and there are people who can help you sort through your feelings. It is important that you take care of yourself, understand your feelings, and seek help if you need it.
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: I’ve Lost Someone
You are not alone. There are many that care about you and are willing and ready to help when you ask for it. If this feeling persists it is important that you reach out to friends, family, loved ones, or someone you can confide in and let them know how you are feeling.
  • Focusing on your academics is an important piece in thriving during your time at Northern Illinois University. As you pursue your degree it is important that you are self-aware and recognize your needs and feelings during the journey.
    • Set your goals, reach towards them, acknowledge when you are overwhelmed or over worked.
      • When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, please seek help.
  • Know the resources at your disposal that can help you succeed academically.
  • Engage with those around you on campus, participate in extracurriculars that you are interested in, participate in social opportunities on campus.
  • When you feel isolated or alone ensure you reach out to others on campus whether it be peers, faculty members, or the counseling department.

Being self-aware is a pertinent piece in thriving through your collegiate career.

  • Take time for yourself when you need it.
  • Identify your goals and strive for them.
  • Ask for help when you need it.


It is important to your overall health that you invest time in taking care of yourself, prioritizing your needs, and focusing on what is most important to you. Northern Illinois University Wellness Promotion strives on helping students put their wellness above all other things which is pertinent in thriving during your time at NIU. Wellness promotion as well as the Helping Huskies Thrive team feels that students prioritizing their mental, physical, and personal wellness will go a long way in them succeeding both while at the institution and beyond.