After Hours Medical Care

If you have a medical emergency, call 911. The Student Health Center does not provide emergency or urgent care services.

If you need non-emergency medical care when we're closed, local options are:

Provider Phone Location
Northwestern Medicine Convenient Care Sycamore 815-217-3252 View map
Physicians Immediate Care 815-754-1122 View map
Walgreens Healthcare Clinic 815-895-4609 View map
Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital 815-756-1521 (provides 24-hour emergency care) View map

The Student Health Center does not pay for medical care received elsewhere; you are responsible for payment. We are providing this information to NIU students only. NIU does not guarantee appointment availability, payments to providers, services offered, etc…

We recommend that you check your NIU Student Health Insurance plan and/or private health insurance plan to determine what portion of the expenses are covered by the plan.