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UNIV 600 - Hazards Analysis in Academic Research and Artistry
(0-1 variable credit option, S/U/I)

Hazard identification and risk assessment are among skills in high demand by industrial, non-profit and academic employers. Offered in partnership with the Office of Research Compliance, Integrity and Safety, you'll engage in performing a hazards analysis of your respective workplaces using the bowtie method. This method, which can be applied to any workplace setting (e.g. office, lab, field, shop, stage), uses a qualitative, barriers-focused approach to risk mitigation that is highly visual and easily understood by non-safety professionals.

Potentially unsafe environments, hardware and behaviors are identified that can drive open communication and change toward a more positive safety culture. You can also use your bowtie outcomes to enhance mentoring of other students, provide improved line-of-sight clarity in near-miss or accident reporting, improve training documents, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and more.

In addition, the course provides experiential opportunities to compare industrial and national laboratory safety cultures through invited safety experts and a field trip to Argonne National Laboratory. You will also role-play an inspector to identify mock hazards in a clinical laboratory environment and work in interdisciplinary groups to learn about risk mitigation strategies across workplace settings. This course is available to all graduate students.

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UNIV 601: Career Development and Planning
(0-1 credit hour, S/U/I)

UNIV 601 is a new course available to early- to mid-phase graduate students. Learn how to develop a personalized career plan focused on:

  • Jobs of interest and the demand for those jobs, especially in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors.
  • Skills most requested by employers for jobs of interest, especially specialized skills and certifications and emerging skills projected to show very fast growth in job postings.
  • Developing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) aimed at gaining high impact learning experiences to showcase key skills, either through your program of study or through online courses available through LinkedIn Learning and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) .
  • Growing and optimizing your LinkedIn profile to target jobs of interest employers, organizations and alumni.

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