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International Student Admissions


NIU only recognizes degrees awarded by regionally accredited institutions or foreign institutions that have equivalent recognition. For example, if you are from India, we consider institutions recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), designated by the UGC as deemed to be a university, or designated as an Institute of National Importance as possessing the equivalent to regional accreditation.

Normally, to be considered for admission, a non-U.S. citizen shall have completed a four-year undergraduate degree. 

However, if you have received a three-year degree awarded through the Bologna process in Europe or a three-year Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business Administration awarded in India (provided that you are seeking admission to the MBA or OMIS program), you are eligible to apply. If you possess a three-year BCOM or BBA from India, you must have received the degree from an institution that is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council with a grade of “A” or better or the equivalent at the time of award.

If you have received a three-year degree from another institution, you will be eligible to apply only if you are given permission by the academic program office. The program office must inform the Graduate School of its decision. View a full list of our academic graduate programs and corresponding contact information.

Generally, you must have achieved a 2.75 grade point average on a 4.0 scale or the equivalent to be considered for admission.

Before an application for admission to a degree-granting program can be submitted, the following items must be uploaded:

  • A statement of purpose
  • Student copy of test scores (GRE, GMAT, or MAT). Determine which test, if any, is required by viewing the master's program pages and doctoral program pages. If you are admitted, we must receive official score reports directly from the testing agency. NIU’s GRE code is 1559.
  • Student copy of English proficiency scores, if required. If you are admitted, we must receive all official score reports directly from the testing agency.

Applicants can submit the application without uploading academic grade reports from all colleges or universities attended. Such records must show all courses taken. Yet, to complete your application dossier, you must eventually upload transcripts from each college attended. (Applicants need not submit community college transcripts, if the grades they received appear on a university or college transcript).

Please Note:

  • Students from India and Pakistan must upload individual marksheets rather than transcripts, as well as degree certificates (if available), all attested by the principal., controller of exams, registrar, or USIEF.
  • Applicants from other countries must typically upload transcripts and proof of degree (diploma, diploma supplement, etc.) attested by an appropriate school official, as well as certified English language translations.

If you are admitted, you will be asked to submit hard copies of all transcripts, marksheets, and proof of degree.

As you complete the application, you will be asked for the names and email addresses of individuals who will write letters of recommendation for you. The master's program pages and doctoral program pages indicate the number of letters required. Letters must be submitted by professional or academic referees who can attest to your suitability for admission to the program. Your referees will receive an electronic invitation to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf; letters must be submitted via CollegeNet. Some programs require that applicants submit additional materials. Specific information about program requirements, as well as more detailed information about general requirements, is available on program websites. All of those materials must be submitted through CollegeNet (except art portfolios and music auditions). If you have further questions about test scores or GPA requirements, contact the master's degree program office or doctoral program office for your specific program.