Carla Montgomery Undergraduate Scholarship in Geology


This scholarship may be awarded to an undergraduate student who is a declared major in the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences. Applicants must be in good academic standing and enrolled as a full-time student.

Amount and purpose

Typically $1000 that is intended to recognize and support an academically talented and promising student.

Selection process and criteria

In consultation with the department chair, members of the department’s undergraduate committee will review the submitted application materials and recommend a scholarship recipient. The scholarship is awarded primarily on the basis of academic merit.


About Carla Montgomery

As a new faculty member in the Geology Department at NIU, Carla Montgomery was asked to teach a general education course in environmental geology. She enjoyed this course a great deal, but was disappointed with the existing textbooks. As a consequence and because she is dedicated to giving her students the best, Dr. Montgomery took it upon herself to write her own textbook. By 2010, that book had reached its ninth edition and its continued success provided the resources for Dr. Montgomery to create this scholarship. Dr. Montgomery remains one of the most highly regarded and committed teachers the department has ever had. This scholarship is intended to recognize students who have demonstrated that same commitment to academic excellence.

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