David Changnon

Research Emphases

Applied Climatology, Hydro-Climatic Variability and Synoptic Climatology

Specific Research Endeavors

  • Examining climate variability and extremes and their impacts in the United States.
  • Assessing the use of climate information by weather-sensitive decision makers.
  • Developing climate-related decision support tools for users in climate-sensitive areas such as utilities, agribusiness, recreation, transportation and water resources.
  • The one common theme that integrates my research, teaching and service efforts at NIU involves demonstrating value in climate information to weather-sensitive decision makers.

Frequently Taught Courses

GEOG 105/106: Introduction to the Atmosphere 
GEOG 303: Water Resources and the Environment
GEOG 370: Regional Climatology
GEOG 498B: Seminar in Meteorology/Climatology
MET 300: Meteorology 
MET 431/531: Applications in Climatology

Representative Publications

Gensini, V., A. Black, D. Changnon and S.A. Changnon, 2011: September 2008 heavy rains in Northeast Illinois: Meteorological Analysis and Impacts. Transactions of the Illinois Academy of Science, 104, 17-33.

Changnon, D. and S.A. Changnon, 2010: Major growth in some business related uses of climate information. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 49, 325-331.

Changnon, D., M. Sandstrom, J. Astolfi, J. Kopczyk and M. Sich, 2010: Using climatology to predict the first major summer corn earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) catch in north central Illinois. Meteorological Applications, 17, 321-328.

Changnon, S.A. and D. Changnon, 2009: Assessment of a method used to time adjust past storm losses. Natural Hazards, 50, 5-12.

Changnon, D., C. Merinsky and M. Lawson, 2008: Climatology of surface cyclones tracks associated with large central and eastern U.S. snowstorms, 1950-2000. Monthly Weather Review, 136, 3193-3202.

Changnon, D., M. Sandstrom and S.A. Changnon, 2007: Unusual Spring 2007 weather conditions destroy Illinois’ peach crop. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science, 100, 25-35.

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Sandstrom, M., D. Changnon and B. Flood, 2007: Improving our understanding of H.zea migration in the Midwest : Assessment of Source Populations. Manuscript for Symposium Proceeedings on Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroids in the Midwest . Online. Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-2007-0MDD-01-RV, 9pp.

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Changnon, D., J. Thompson, T. April, E. Schmidt, M. Falout, J.B. Davis and M. Russo, 2002: Efforts to improve predictions of urban winter heating anomalies using various climate indices. Meteorological Applications, 9, 105-111.



Distinguished Teaching Professor and Department Chair
Board of Trustees Professor (2010-2015)

Office: Davis Hall 118


Ph.D., Colorado State University

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