Department Personnel

Thomas J. Pingel

    Thomas J. Pingel

       Davis Hall, Room 219C 

       Assistant Professor
       Ph. D. University of California,
       Santa Barbara

Research Emphasis: Geographic Information Science, Spatial Cognition, Geovisualization, 
                              LiDAR Processing

Specific Research Endeavors

My research focuses on aspects of Geographic Information Science, including spatial cognition, computational modeling of human movement and navigation, geographic algorithm development, and geovisualization.  My current research involves Automation and Visualization in Geographic Immersive Virtual Environments. The project marks an attempt to build real-time, accurate geodatabases from audio and video feeds and project them onto a computer generated virtual world, processed in Matlab and represented in X3D and COLLADA. Underlying the rendering are conventional geographic data sources including elevation models, orthoimagery and other geospatial data sets, but augmented with overhead and terrestrial LIDAR data sets processed by custom algorithms to segment the data, build a ground surface, and reconstruct buildings without the need for training.