Frequently Asked Questions

If You Are A Student ...

Students on CampusThe Office of General Counsel represents the University in its legal affairs.  We are not an intake for complaints about the University.  Complaints ought to be directed to the respective NIU entity involved and reference made to any complaint reporting procedures established by that entity.  If you are unsure how to report a complaint, the Office of the Ombudsperson may be able to assist you in identifying appropriate resources.

Seeking Legal Advice or Assistance

Student Legal Assistance

Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic

Privacy Rights

Directory Information

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Injured on NIU Property but NOT work related

Contact the Ridk Manager at 815.753.6000.  

To open a claim file please forward at statement stating who was involved in the incident and who, if anyone witnessed it, what, when and where the incident happened in detail (time, date, specific place, weather conditions if relevant, etc.), specifically what type of assistance you are requesting the University to consider and why you think the University ought to provide it, and your contact information.

Disability Center Appeal/Grievance Form

Appeal/Grievance Form

Have an Issue with Another Student

Student Conduct

Have an Issue with a Department or an Employee

Student Grievance Complaint Form

Faculty - contact the department chair or college dean

Other Non-Faculty Employee - you may file a complaint with the employee's department supervisor or Human Resource Services

If You Are Unsure How to Get Your Issue Addressed

Contact the Office of the Ombudsman