Learning Pathway

Coordinator: Wei-Chen Hung

From the moment we’re born, our brains are taking in information, sorting through it, deciding what is important and what isn’t, and making connections for the future. Learning is a never-ending cycle that’s important to our studies as well as our everyday lives. With influences from our culture, history, sociology and our own inner workings, our learning styles are just as unique as we are.

Learn how you process information best, become more flexible in how you approach problem solving and be more accepting of other ideas and thought processes.

Work with your advisor to select one course from each category below to earn your Learning Pathway focus (all are three credit courses).

Courses in Creativity and Critical Analysis

  • COMS 356 - Critical Interpretation of Film/Television
  • EPFE 400 - Foundations of Education
  • EPS 300 - Educational Psychology

Courses in Nature and Technology

  • ETR 450 - Data Analysis for Design and Evaluation
  • ETT 234 - Learning with Technology
  • HIST 323 - History of Science to Newton
  • ILAS 261 - Language, Mind, and Thought
  • PSYC 345 - Cognitive Psychology

Courses in Society and Culture

  • ANTH 120 - Anthropology and Human Diversity
  • BKST 300 - Foundations of Black Studies
  • COMD 220 - Introduction to Communicative Disorders
  • EPS 307 - Development of the Adolescent
  • ETT 329 - Learning in the Digital Age
  • HDFS 230 - Child Development
  • PSYC 225 - Lifespan Development: Childhood Through Adulthood
  • PSYC 245 - Thinking
  • SEEC 401 - Play Development of the Young Child