About General Education

Aerial view of NIU campus

A central part of the undergraduate experience at NIU, general education helps students build a foundation for lifelong learning, career success and responsible citizenship. General education requirements at NIU include courses in Foundational Studies and Knowledge Domains.

Along with major requirements and learning opportunities outside of the classroom, general education courses provide opportunities for students to meet the baccalaureate learning outcomes.

In the fall of 2015, NIU launched Academics PLUS (Progressive Learning in Undergraduate Studies), a program that allows students to customize their general education courses according to their interests and aspirations. By taking general education courses in a pathway, students enrich their studies and receive a notation on their academic transcript. Pathways can be used to fulfill Knowledge Domain requirements.

Academics PLUS is part of NIU PLUS, a program that creates a personalized experience for each student to prepare them for success after graduation. The other components of NIU PLUS are Engage PLUS, which focuses on learning opportunities outside of the classroom, and Jobs PLUS, which provides professional development programs.