Training Opportunities

The CSFVSA offers a variety of training experiences for undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Training Opportunities

Please see the Psychology department website for current opportunities.

Graduate Training Opportunities

Depending on interest and availability, graduate students have the opportunity to volunteer as members of multidisciplinary research teams. In addition, there are often funded assistantship positions based on grant projects at the CSFVSA. Currently, the CSFVA supports several graduate fellowship positions. The fellowship is targeted toward graduate students interested in developing research skills germane to the study of family violence, sexual assault, trauma, and related topics.

Please see our brochure for a synopsis of CSFVSA resources and graduate training.

Student Trip

International Training Opportunities

Given longstanding international collaborations of the CSFVSA, there are frequently international scholars in residence who may provide workshops or presentations. Networks exist should a student wish to pursue the opportunity of international collaborations.