Child Abuse Research Fellowships: A Program of Research Examining Automatic Processes in High Risk Parents

Principal Investigator: Julie L. Crouch, Ph.D.
Funding Source:  Department of Health and Human Services, Administration of Children and Families, Children’s Bureau
Dates of Project: 10/03 - 9/06

The overarching purpose of this grant was to promote research applying social cognitive methods to the study of parents at risk for child physical abuse. Three studies were conducted in which the role of negative or hostile schema in CPA risk was assessed using various social cognitive paradigms (e.g., subliminal priming, cued recall, etc). Publications from this work are referenced below:

Farc, M. M., Crouch, J. L., Skowronski, J. J., & Milner, J. S. (2008). Hostility ratings by parents at risk for child physical abuse: Impact of chronic and temporary schema activation. Child Abuse & Neglect, 32, 177-193.

Crouch, J. L., Milner, J. S., Skowronski, J. S., & Harris, B. (2008). Parental responses to infant crying: The influence of child physical abuse risk and hostile priming. Child Abuse & Neglect,32,702-710.

Crouch, J. L., Milner, J. S., Skowronski, J. J., Farc, M. M., Irwin, L., & Neese, A. (2009). Automatic encoding of ambiguous child behavior in high and low risk for child physical abuse parents. Journal of Family Violence