Military Studies Program

Randy J. McCarthy, Ph.D., Coordinator



The general mission of Northern Illinois University’s Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault is to increase understanding of the causes and effects of family violence and sexual assault.  To accomplish this goal, the Center’s faculty conduct basic research on a variety of topics, and this research has facilitated the development of innovative approaches to assessment, treatment and prevention of family violence and sexual assault.

Military-Related Research

In keeping with this mission, the Center's Military Studies Program has several lines of military-related research including: 

  • Identifying recruits’ pre-military history of violence (childhood and adult) and the consequences of this history on functioning (mental health issues, perpetration issues, victimization issues, performance issues, including attrition) while serving in the military. 
  • Attempting to understand the impact of combat deployment on rates of family violence (child maltreatment and spouse abuse) within military families.
  • Assisting the military in developing and evaluating family violence-related assessment methods. 
  • Assisting the military in developing and evaluating family violence and sexual assault intervention and prevention programs.  
  • Tracking and understanding changes in the annual rates of child maltreatment and spouse abuse in military families. 

Notes. These lines of military-related research are representative; they are not exhaustive. Additional information about the total scope of Military Studies research conducted at the Center is available