Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault Brownbags
  • Brown Bag meetings are held during the academic semester on Fridays, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Topics related to family violence and sexual assault will be presented and discussed.
  • Please contact Jillian Wise 815-753-7024 for further information about room locations during the Spring 2016 semester.

Tentative Dates.  Check back for updated information





Wendy Bostwick,

School of Nursing and Health Services, NIU

Sexual Minority Women's Mental Health


Jacob Holzman,

Department of Psychology, NIU

Heart Rate Variability Indices as
Bio-Markers of Self-Regulation:
A Meta-Analytic Review


Antonia Seligowski,

Department of Psychology, NIU

The Impact of Mindfullness Meditation on Fear Loading and Fear Inhibition: Parasympatheitc Activation as an Underlying Mechanism


Michael Wagner, Derrecka Butler, and Jane Neal

Department of Psychology, NIU

An Overview of the Mobile XG Eye Tracking System