FLAL Research

Foreign Languages & Literatures Research

Brown Bag Series- Fall 2017

  • Thursday, October 26th, 12-1pm in Watson 110
    Dr. Corinna Norrick-Rühl
    Junior Professor, Universität Mainz
    “The Three Percent Problem: Translated Fiction in Anglophone Markets”

  • Friday, November 3rd, 12-1pm in Watson 110
    Dr. Christopher Nissen
    Professor of Italian, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
    "'A Living Part of You': Translating Ada Negri’s Solitary Women (1917)

Previous Brown Bags:

  • "New Approaches to Historiography in Contemporary Literature"  -Matthew Smith
  • "Protests and Media in Post-2010 Burma/Myanmar"  -Tharaphi Than
  • “The Art of Resistance in the Spanish City”  -Stephen Vilaseca
  • “The Space in Between: Emotional and Social Proximity in Thai Pronoun Choice”  -Kanjana Thepboriruk
  • "Observations in Asociación Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro: An Analysis of a Guatemalan Pediatric Residential Center for Disabilities"  -Mollie Wang
  • “Nasi kuning – Indonesian yellow rice”  -Rahmi Hartati
  • “Translating word segments in poetry”  - Matthew Smith
  • "Using complexity theory to explain language development: theoretical and methodological issues"  -Shannon Becker
  • "Exploring Otherness Through Holocaust Literature in the Undergraduate German Curriculum"  -Kristi McAuliffe
  • "Mapping the Marginalized: Developing a Digital Humanities-Centered Class"  -Stephen Vilaseca

ISLA (Instructed Second Language Acquisition) lab

Dr. Mandy Faretta-Stutenberg & Dr. Karen Lichtman

“Mapping the Marginalized” Digital Humanities Project

Dr. Stephen Vilaseca