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Friedemann Stübing

Friedemann Stübing

My wife and I moved to the U.S. in 1993. I have been teaching at NIU since 1998. I enjoy our family and our home, teaching, riding my Bike E and Triumph Rocket, playing guitar, listening to NPR, Inboden's hotdogs, steaks from Headon's, Cornfest and German beer...

I can't play Fußball anymore, but still love watching it (Go TUSPO Obergrenzebach! Go Sechzger! Go Rapid!). It's also fun to translate old documents, read mystery novels, play with our dog Teddy and all kinds of other stuff.

I am glad to have the opportunity to live in a different country and that I can teach. It has broadened my horizon. I enjoy the interaction with my students. It is my goal to create a relaxed atmosphere in my classes by combining solid academics with humor, "real life" materials, cultural information, and by sharing my own experiences of a transcultural, bilingual life.


Philipps-University, Marburg (Hesse, Germany)
University of Vienna, Vienna (Austria)
Studienseminar Bensheim/Bergstrasse (Hesse, Germany)

Teaching degrees in

History, Religion, and Education
Major subjects in school: English and German

Teaching experience

Northern Illinois University, DeKalb (Illinois)
Cornerstone Christian Academy, Sycamore (Illinois)
Melanchthon-Schule, Steinatal
Schwalm-Gymnasium, Treysa
Starkenburg Gymnasium, Heppenheim


American Association of Teachers of German (AATG)

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