Laura Steele

Laura Steele

Laura Steele

Advanced to Candidacy for the PhD in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, UC Berkeley, 2003
MA, University of California, Berkeley, Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, 2000
BA, Summa cum Laude, Cornell University, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, 1996

As an NIU College Transformation Project Fellow (2013-2015), I am working to engage students more actively in the general education course in Classical Mythology (FLCL 271). I welcome any feedback regarding this course! Please feel free to email me:

In addition to the analysis and artistic/literary representations of Greco-Roman myth, my other academic interests include ancient Mediterranean gender and sexuality, interconnections between the Near East and Greece, ancient architecture from the Neolithic to early Rome, and archaeological sciences. 

Academic Publications
Articles (peer-reviewed): 
“Urartu and the Medikos Logos of Herodotus,” American Journal of Ancient History 3.1 (2007).

“Mesopotamian Elements in the Proem of Parmenides? Correspondences between the sun-gods 
Helios and Shamash.” Classical Quarterly 52/1 (December, 2002). 

Book chapter: 
“Women and Gender in Babylonia,” in G. Leick ed., The Babylonian World (Routledge, 2007). 

Conference Paper: 
“The Neolithic Settlement at Çatalhöyük and Pueblo Ethnoarchaeology,” in Westgate (eds.), 
Conference on Building Communities: House, Settlement, and Society in the Aegean and 
Beyond, Cardiff, 17-21 April 2001, Proceedings. British School of Athens Studies (2007). 

Book reviews: 
Among Women: From the Homosocial to the Homoerotic in the Ancient World, edited by N.S. 
Rabinowitz and L. Auanger, in NIN: Journal of Gender Studies in Antiquity 3 (2002).