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Mary Lee Cozad

Mary Lee Cozad

PhD, UC Berkeley, Romance languages and literatures (with a specialty in Spanish and the Golden Age)

My first interest in a foreign language was Latin during high school. I seemed to have a knack for deciphering the language code, and I subsequently took French, Spanish, and Italian, as well as continuing to study Latin as an undergraduate. During graduate school I was divided between specializing in Latin American studies and Spanish studies but decided to pursue a specialty in Spanish and Romance languages. I eventually focused on 16th-century Spain, especially the Petrarchian poets. I enjoy teaching and promoting educational activism, but I am looking forward to dedicating more time to research.

Current Interests

Influence of the Greek classics on 16th century Spanish literature.
The relationship between 16th century poetry and other arts of the time.
The aphorism of "the ignorant and persistent man" in 16th century Spain.


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"A Platonic-Aristotelian Linguistic Controversy of the Spanish Golden Age." in Florilegium Hispanicum. Studies in Honor of Dorothy Clotelle Clarke. Edited by John Geary (Madison: University of Wisonsin Press, 1982), 205-227. Favorably reviewed by Michael T. Ward in Hispanic Review 53 (1985), 364-365.

"Los Prologos de Rubén Dario. Estudio bibliogrà fico, Thesaurus." Boletín del Instituto Caro y Cuervo 29 (1974), 457-488.

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