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Shannon Becker

 Shannon Becker

PhD, Purdue University, French and Second Language Acquisition
MA, Purdue University, French and Applied Linguistics
MFS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professional French & Media/Arts/Cultural Production
BA, Western Michigan University, French

My primary research area is second language acquisition (SLA). More specifically, I am interested in how second language learners develop listening comprehension proficiency, especially the cognitive processes by which this skill becomes automatic. I am also interested in the application of complexity (complex systems/dynamical systems) theory to the developing language system and how this perspective changes the methodological tools we use in SLA. I use both classroom- and laboratory-based experiments in my research in order to improve our theoretical understanding of how languages are learned and to offer practical suggestions for pedagogy.


Becker, S. R. (in preparation). Metacognition, automaticity, and listening in L2 French.

Becker, S. R. (in preparation). French for reading and translation. Book proposal to be submitted to Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Becker, S. R. (in preparation). Improving L1 English speakers’ perception of L2 French nasal vowels through high variability training: The case of /ɑ̃ - ɔ̃/.

Becker, S. R. (in preparation). Going digital: textbooks tailored to the modern student.

Becker, S. R. (in preparation). Classroom and listening anxiety in L2 French: A pilot study.

Becker, S.R. (submitted; in revision). Perception and production of unfamiliar L2 segments: using technology for teaching and research. Proceedings of the Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference 2016. Iowa State University Press.

Becker, S.R., & Sturm, J.L. (CALICO, forthcoming). Effects of audiovisual media on listening comprehension: A preliminary study in French.

Becker, S.R., & Sturm, J.L. Using metacognitive strategies to induce a phase shift: A complex systems approach to L2 listening instruction. Tyler, A., Ortega, L., Uno, M., & Park, H. I. (Eds.). (forthcoming). Usage-inspired L2 instruction: Researched pedagogy. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

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