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Spanish CastleSpanish is more than just a practical choice! While no one can deny that students of Spanish at NIU don’t have to look far if they want extra practice, learning Spanish is so much more that a wise career move: it is like an extreme sport of the mind that opens your senses to new experiences, new people and new ways of thinking. By embarking on this rewarding yet challenging adventure, students gain both knowledge and skills that can place them onto a special track in life: that of a true citizen of our multilingual, globalized world.

Through a variety of communicative approaches and activities in the Foreign Languages Learning Center, students are encouraged to speak Spanish from their first day in class so that after only one semester they can complete basic tasks such as ordering a meal in a restaurant, making travel arrangements or engaging in simple conversations about everyday activities.

As students progress through our Spanish major or minor programs, classes in conversation, composition, grammar and literature allow each student to acquire a greater degree of fluency and accuracy as well as a larger vocabulary and better cultural and historical understanding. Spanish majors complete their field of study with classes in linguistics, translation, business, civilization and special topics in order have a well-rounded background in language, literature and culture. Graduate students also study literature, linguistics, translation and civilization but the emphasis is on perfecting and expanding existing skills and knowledge.

Undergraduate Advising

Linda Saborio (Director of Undergraduate Studies)

Graduate Advising

Christopher Nissen (Coordinator of Graduate Studies)