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Khmer RuinsOur Khmer language learning program will greatly enhance your language learning experience, making it more effective and truly enjoyable. A part of what you will be learning in your study of Khmer is culture. Because Khmer language and culture are different from the Western world, we use the internet ( to make the exotic sounds and rich images from authentic Khmer sources easily available both inside and outside the classroom. We provide students with interactive activities, enhanced language learning and culture competency. The use of the internet also entices students to explore Khmer language learning at their own pace and to maximize their learning experience. At the end of the first year of intensive Khmer, the students should be able to make their most basic needs and desires known to Cambodians in a variety of social and cultural situations reflecting the topical areas covered in this course. Students will be able to comprehend basic spoken and written Khmer and to speak and write enough to function in practical situations. Students also learn how to cook and enjoy exotic Khmer food. At the intermediate levels, students begin to move into areas of their own interests and research needs by learning from authentic materials that include short stories, Khmer pop music, movies and news.