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"I had such an amazing experience at NIU because of the foreign language department! All of the professors genuinely care about you as a student and as a person. They want you to succeed, not just in their class, but in your field of study and in life. I have never been held to higher expectations than I have at NIU. The professors have a way of challenging you and it causes you to grow exponentially, in such a rewarding way! The passion and care that each professor has for their students is unmatched. I have nothing but great things to say about NIU’s foreign language department!"

-Samantha Gonzalez '16


Sandra Gonzalez

"The foreign language teacher licensure program at NIU has given me an opportunity to look at education as a continuum of change. I am very fortunate to be a part of the innovations that language education experiences. It is thanks to my professors that I am able to contribute new ideas to the field and foster student growth and success in the classroom. They made me feel comfortable with trying various methods with my students and were knowledgeable of what was at the forefront of language education."

-Sandra Gonzalez '15


“I want to say, “THANK YOU SO MUCH!”  You really prepared me for almost anything that should happen in the classroom. I whipped up some TPR on the spot just to figure out the students’ level of English. This worked so much better than I thought it would. I never would’ve been able to do that had you not covered this topic extensively! Thanks to your class on classroom management, I’ve been able to handle most anything. Some of my fellow English teachers don’t have the same background as do I, so, they’ve had a more difficult time handling their classroom.”

-Bethany Brown ‘14


“I love how this program is a tight bond even though we come from different backgrounds as well as different content areas. We are encouraged by one another to go above and beyond what is shown in the textbook to be taught for the students and to include as much culture as possible into the classroom. I found that this program allowed me to take my passion for language and culture from being introverted to extroverted and I was able to share that with students as well as fellow classmates in the program.

I feel lucky to say that the bond that was created with those in the program has never left and I love that we still feed ideas off of each other whether it’s by e-mail, text, or other social media. The methods that I have learned from this program as well as fellow members of the program have not only stuck with me but have improved me as a leader in the classroom.”

-Martha Gajewski ‘14


“NIU's foreign language teacher licensure program has provided me with all of the support I have needed and more to feel comfortable and confident about teaching and working with students. Not only are my professors and advisors knowledgeable of the subject of teaching foreign languages, but they are genuinely concerned with their students' success in the field.”

-Shannon Schmidt ‘15


“I enjoyed having small classes where I was able to establish a good relationship with my teachers. I also found it helpful that our clinical experience before our student teaching semester was at our student teaching placement. This helped me feel more comfortable for student teaching because I was able to become acclimated in the building and meet my cooperating teacher and the students before I had to worry about taking over as the teacher.”

-Jordan Deener ‘15


“I just want to say that I really enjoyed the teacher licensure program, as well as doing my German and Spanish studies there. The professors are VERY reliable and caring, not to mention that they are passionate about their teaching area. In the future I am most definitely planning on going back to get my Master's Degree in Spanish.”

-Tony Illescas ‘14