Parliamentary Debate

This debate format allows students to work collaboratively in two-person teams while balancing substantive argument with extemporaneous, audience-centered delivery. Because parliamentary debate topics change for each round of competition, students must be well-informed on a broad range of political, social, legal, and economic issues. Parliamentary debate topics can be domestic or international in scope and may be framed as propositions of fact, value, or policy.

Each team is given 15 minutes to prepare their case after the judge announces the topic (attached to the ballot).  There is no additional preparation time given.

The speaking order and the speech times are as follows:

Prime Minister (1st Aff)    7 minutes
Leader of Opposition (1st Neg)  8 minutes
Member of Government (2nd Aff)   8 minutes
Member of Opposition (2nd Neg)    8 minutes
Leader of Opposition   4 minutes (rebuttal)
Prime Minister  5 minutes (rebuttal)