What Difference Can One Person Make?

A world of difference.

This moment is yours. You can inspire, lead, make your passion heard and felt.

Millions of professionals devote their lives to helping others overcome inequality. At NIU, we embrace these aspirations.

With innovative programs, workshops and events open not only to Huskies but anyone interested in finding ways to create positive change, our Office of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion proudly inspires conversations that matter to the NIU community and beyond.   

Looking for a social justice-related area of study? Opportunities exist at all levels, whether you want to choose a mission-minded major or add a minor or certificate to further humanize any area of study.

But our commitment to social justice, equity and inclusion goes far beyond that. It’s part of the Huskie fabric.

We stand proudly as a champion of all identities and celebrate our diversity.

If you’re passionate about social justice or would like to turn your education into a career fighting inequality, we’ll give you the power to change the community and your future.

How can you be a changemaker?

Student service at nursing home

Be Hands-on

If you’re eager to help others, to dig in and get to work in your community, consider choosing an area of study that prepares you to work directly with families and individuals. Thinking social work, philanthropy, public service, human services, community engagement, mental health work, criminal justice? Careers in fields like these and more begin here. 


Student putting up social justice signage

Be Knowledgeable

Better understanding the past can help you create a better future. Interested in learning about the cultural influences, events and people that shaped who we are today? Armed with this knowledge, you’ll discover the best ways to cause social change.


Student in law classroom

Be an Influencer, a Leader

Are you passionate about being an ethical leader in our society, about shaping lives? You can have a profound effect on the world. Perhaps as a teacher, a political scientist or a civil rights attorney?


Theatre production Troilus and Cressida

Be Impactful

Bring to light issues of inequality through words, images, art, music, dance, theater, film or any other creative outlet. Whatever form it takes, your voice is powerful.


Social Justice in Action

Social justice themes are threaded throughout our many programs and events focused on diversity, equity and inclusion at NIU.

Among them, our new Huskie Conversation Café podcast explores the book, "When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir.”

And our Social Justice Workshop and Townhall Series aims to create change agents.

We invite you to check out these events and more as you connect and learn with us!
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