What will you be?

At NIU, you'll have one-on-one help choosing a major to get you real-world ready.

Undecided? That's OK.

What Will You Be? Explore the PossibilitiesAt NIU, we encourage you to earn a degree that will help you bring your dreams to life. But there's no need to worry if you still have questions about how to make that happen.

Want to innovate industry? Serve the greater good? Examine the world around you? Starting to reach your goals is as simple as identifying your values. Let us show you how you can personalize your degree and unlock your potential.

If you've looked at all of our majors and minors and still haven't made up your mind, don't panic. You don't have to choose before you start your studies at NIU. It's better to take time to explore your interests than choose a major quickly, only to find out later it's a bad fit.

Our team at our Academic Advising Center is here to help you determine your direction while you take important core classes that ensure your progress toward a degree. We also encourage you to find yourself outside the classroom. Our campus offers clubs and cultural resources, community service opportunities, sports and lots of fun in between—all to enhance your experience.

For more guidance and a glimpse of what life is like at NIU, visit us during an open house event or a virtual visit

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