Launch your year with an Outdoor Adventure


Embark: First Year Trip to Mississippi Palisades

When you’re a Huskie, you’re going places. We truly mean that. We know there’s more to life than studying, and we want to make sure you have plenty of options when it comes to exploring our beautiful campus and beyond.

Our many fun and educational Outdoor Adventures provide an ideal way to meet fellow Huskies, while enjoying nature. Take it from our students.

As an incoming freshman, Emily Grobe of Rockford went on a camping excursion to Mississippi as part of our Embark: First Year Trips. She loved it so much she became a trip leader with Outdoor Adventures.

“I had never been camping before then, and it honestly changed my life,” said the junior visual communications major. “I’ve always been very outdoorsy and loved nature, but I never knew just how impactful it could be.”

From an upcoming Embark: First Year Trip to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota to campouts to clinics to fun events, we’re all about the outdoors.


Boundary Waters canoe trip

For Grobe, it’s about escaping into nature and freeing yourself from technology for awhile, as well as cherishing the environment.

“I have met so many amazing people, and I’ve seen the outdoors affect people in profound ways,” she said. “It’s not until you’re submerged in the wilderness with no service that you realize everyday life is exhausting.”

We can even tailor-make an adventure just for you and your friends with our custom trips.

Like to disc golf, spelunk, hike, paddle, crate climb? We’ll make it happen. No gear? NIU Outdoor Adventure Center has everything you need year-round. Rent a canoe, paddleboard or kayak your way around our lagoon. Your only regret might be not getting out there sooner.

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