Muhammad Adib Uz Zaman

Muhammad Adib Uz Zaman

From: Bangladesh

Degree: Master's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Research drew Muhammad Adib Uz Zaman from Bangladesh to NIU, where he earned his master's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

He's now headed to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, to pursue a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering.

But he credits NIU and his campus experience with giving him the taste of freedom he needed to explore his education. While at NIU, he worked as a graduate research assistant for Ziteng Wang, an assistant professor in the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology.

"The research here is very attractive, and it's very useful in real life as well," he said. "Back in my country, the coursework was intensive and it was good, but the research facilities were not that developed yet. So I believe I made a good decision to be here."