Ayesha Feroz

Ayesha Feroz

Hometown: Lombard, Illinois

Degree: Bachelor's degree in Political Science

As valedictorian of her major, Ayesha Feroz spent most of her time on campus at NIU's Founders Memorial Library.

You're here and you're paying for it so make it worthwhile," she told herself. "Don't waste your time away just partying.

She has the same mission this upcoming year as she intends to spend it working and studying for her Law School Admission Test, or LSAT, before applying to law school.

She's determined to be lawyer.

I'm very assertive, soft-spoken," she said. "I like to speak out and defend people. Seeing my parents' divorce, it interested me in the field of law so I did a little research. I was on my high school mock trial team, and it stuck with me.

It wasn't all work and no play for Feroz as she joined the college's Gymnastics Club her final semester. She regrets not joining sooner.

Try to get involved as early as possible," she would advise incoming students. "I waited and now I met all these amazing people, and now I don't want to leave. I only had a semester's worth of time to spend time with them and make memories.