Online Teaching Quick Guide


 Step 1: Submit your hiring paperwork to your department. They will verify and submit it to Human Resources.

  • Step 2: Once the paperwork is processed, you will be issued an NIU Account ID. The Account ID provides you access to NIU email, Office 365, MyNIU, Blackboard and more. At this point, your department will add you as the Instructor of Record in MyNIU for your course(s).
  • Step 3: As Instructor of Record, you may access Blackboard and request your course. See more details on accessing Blackboard on page 2 of this Quick Guide.
  • Type your Password in the Password box
  • Click the Login button to log in to Blackboard


Your Department

  • Ask colleagues for a syllabus they used when they taught the course before (if possible)
  • Get a copy of the text book or other content available
  • Talk with someone about the course purpose, any important content/assessments, etc.
  • Ask for access to a master shell or a past version of

Faculty Development

(815) 753-0595 or

Institutional Resources

(if applicable to your course)

Links & Resources

(if applicable to your course)


Course Design

  1. List course objectives in a table, fill in with assignments and content that address those objectives
  2. Outline the course schedule (topics, readings, assignments, web-conferencing session, etc.)
  3. Add or update syllabus in Blackboard
  4. Build Week 1 structure in Blackboard
  5. Add finalized course schedule to Blackboard course


  1. Plan the formative and summative assessments which measure the learning objectives
  2. Decide how and when students will be graded and include point values and due dates
  3. Begin to build assessments into the Blackboard course


  1. Select content from known sources (previously development content, textbook, etc.)
  2. Identify how content is or could be structured in the Blackboard course using folders


  1. Post an introduc on about yourself in the Blackboard course
  2. Create an icebreaker ac vity in the Discussion Board of your Blackboard course
  3. Create clear direc ons and expecta ons for course ac vi es in Blackboard


Key Tasks

  1. Request course in Blackboard
  2. Copy materials from master shell to your new course (if applicable)
  3. Update course with dates, contact information, etc.
  4. Make course available in Blackboard
  5. Welcome students to the course in Blackboard (such as via an Announcement)
  6. Invite students to introduce themselves in Blackboard discussion board
  7. Post a checklist of ge ng started ac vi es for your students in Blackboard, including reading the syllabus

Helpful Tutorials

  1. How to Create an Announcement in Blackboard
  2. How to Request a Blackboard course section
  3. How to Post Content in Blackboard
  4. Using Video in Blackboard
  5. >How to Use Web-Conferencing

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