Online Teaching Quick Start



Welcome to online teaching at Northern Illinois University. The Online Teaching Quick-Start site was created to support faculty, instructors, and teaching staff preparing to teach online. The primary purpose of the site is to help you triage what might be the most important tasks to complete when beginning to teach a course online and to jump-start your course development. The university offers comprehensive support for online course design and development and online teaching development. This quick-start site is particularly valuable when time is short.  

What you can expect from this site

This is a self-paced experience, in which you can quickly and easily access resources on online teaching and learning. Many of these resources and guides will help you get started in online teaching, however it is not meant to be broad-scaled or in-depth. We welcome you to explore the resources and utilized the guides and recommendations to get ready to design, develop, and delivery your online course. At any point you may contact the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center to guide you further in your online teaching preparedness. This provides you with two-tiered support, both self-exploration and direct one-on-one personalized support.

How to use this site

The site is sectioned into 4 main areas: Introduction, Course Design, Course Delivery, and Support. Each section includes sub-topics related to the main areas. You may navigate through the resources by using the left-hand navigation. The resources, in the first three sections, primarily include quick-guides and videos on the essentials for preparing to teach online. If you wish to go more in-depth in a topic, you will find links to additional resources within the site. Finally, the fourth section is Support. This section lets you know where to find support and how to find out about upcoming online teaching workshops.

Learn how to:

  • Prioritize the essentials to getting started with teaching an online course
  • Optimize course content, structure, and student engagement
  • Personalize the online learning environment by creating instructor and social presence
  • Strategize how to plan for a successful start to an online course