Content & Instructional Materials

One of the elements of your course design may include adding content to your online course. If your course does not already have content or if you'd prefer to add your own you may want to learn more about how to do this for an online course. In this archived online workshop, you will learn about creating and curating course content from quality sources as well as communicating them to your students.

Adding Content to Your Online Course

Want to learn more about how to add content to your Blackboard Course. Numerous options exist for storing and deploying course content in blackboard. A few Content Areas exist in the Course Menu by default, but faculty members can create additional content areas and provide unique names for their content areas. This resource includes the basics for building content using files, folders, videos and more. Find out how to add your textbook information or adding a video presentations to your course. There is also a section on Frequently Asked Questions such as "What is the best way to get started organizing my course content?".