Online Course Design Best Practices

How do you know if your online course is good?  More importantly, how do you make it better? In this workshop, you will learn about why quality is important and how to create more student-centered online courses by using the Quality Matters rubric (a nationally-recognized benchmark for online course design based on research-supported best practices). After watching this recorded workshop, you will be better prepared to develop or improve an online course that is designed to promote student learning.

Best Practices in Online Course Design

One of the most important concepts for designing a course, face-to-face or online, is alignment. In a strong course design, all of the components of the course are connected to one another. The Learning Objectives form a strong foundation for the course. The assessments directly measure the student achievement of the objectives. Then the course content, activities and tools selected ar drive by and support the objectives. The best practices in online course design will help you develop an aligned course that will help you and your students to be successful.