New Faculty Network

The NIU New Faculty Network is sponsored by the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center. The purpose of this Network is to provide a virtual environment in which faculty new to NIU can share ideas and ask questions about teaching, learning, and university resources. Such communication will help you build a connection to the university and each other. This Network, hosted within Microsoft Office 365, is open only to new tenure-track faculty at NIU. New faculty are automatically added to the Network by Faculty Development staff.

Network Objectives

  • Get further acquainted to NIU
  • Build cross-disciplinary peer networks
  • Foster connection, collaboration, and collegiality among faculty new to NIU
  • Acquire teaching and learning resources
  • Become familiar with the NIU community
  • Develop teaching skills

Who is a Participant of the Network?

  • Faculty new to NIU
  • Faculty remain a part of the Network . . . they can remove themselves from the Network at any time
  • Faculty Development staff members who will moderate the Network

What Content will be Added to the New Faculty Network?

  • New content will be added approximately once each month and will be dated and searchable for easy access. Material on teaching and learning from a variety of sources such as:
    • The Chronicle of Higher Education
    • – News, opinions, surveys, & webinars related to higher education
    • Books, journals, articles, monographs, etc.
  • Blackboard Resources
  • NIU Resources and Support Units
  • Events and Happenings on Campus
  • Community Information – DeKalb and Sycamore

What and How New Faculty Can Share in the Network?

  • Start a Conversation
  • Share a File
  • At this time, we not plan to use the Calendar or Notebook tools in the Network

Last Updated: 10/3/2016