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The central mission of the Faculty Development and Instructional Center is to support faculty, academic supportive professional staff, and graduate teaching assistants through a variety of programs, resources, and services in fulfilling Northern Illinois University's mission on teaching and scholarly activities.


The Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center envisions an enriched academic environment at Northern Illinois University that facilitates and promotes effective teaching, supports professional development, stimulates research and scholarly activities, and encourages the integration of instructional technologies.

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The major functions of the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center are as follows:

  • Provide opportunities for effective teaching
  • Promote research and scholarly activities
  • Facilitate the use of instructional technologies in teaching
  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Serve as a referral service and as a resource unit

Core Values

  • Service empowers innovative teaching
  • Adaptability is key to student-centered learning
  • Appropriate use of instructional technology is fundamental to best- practice teaching
  • Accessibility is a civil right
  • Professional development stimulates excellence
  • Sharing and disseminating knowledge is a responsibility in education
  • Data-driven decisions improve learning
  • Responding to needs should be timely and accurate

The center periodically assesses faculty needs, obtains inputs from the Provost, consults with the Faculty Development Advisory Committee and refines its mission, vision, and functions accordingly. The center develops short term plans for each academic year and carries out those plans that are feasible during each academic year.

Last Updated: 10/17/2017

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