Greg Beyer

Percussion - Faculty

Professor and Head of Percussion Studies

Hailed as a “prodigiously talented percussionist” (Chicago Classical Review) Gregory Beyer is a contemporary music specialist with significant experience in orchestral, jazz and world music who combines the multiple disciplines of 21st Century percussion into a singular artistic voice. He has given solo performances and masterclasses throughout the world.

Along his twelve years of experience as a professor of percussion at NIU, Beyer has held long-term visiting scholar appointments at universities in China and Brazil. He is capable of developing rapport with anyone in the world and sees the art of percussion as a vehicle for intercultural understanding and the betterment of society through a commitment to daily work and personal growth. He demands the very best out of each student and is committed to offering life-changing experiences through the realization of a student’s inner potential.

In both word and example, Beyer shares with students his core values which revolve around the life-long process of developing self-confidence and self-love through discipline, hard work, and the belief in the good and creative potential of every member of our community.

“I seek to create an environment that fosters a sense of family, integrity, creativity, respect, and a passionate commitment to hard work.

I strive to provide transformative, life-changing experiences for sincere, open-minded, curious musicians who, through music, can envision themselves as a vehicle for positive change in this world." - Greg Beyer