You can be anything you want to be.

You have it in you: the drive to make a difference, the commitment to your goals and the willingness to go after it with everything you’ve got.

Wondering which degree will best suit you? That’s where we can help. Starting to figure it out is as simple as asking yourself:

What do you want to be?

You want to create change.

If you have a passion for making a difference and a strong sense of global responsibility, explore careers that reinvent old systems to build stronger futures.

Be Counted

If you believe money truly does make the world go ’round, you may be interested in how wealth, or poverty, affects society. You care about the ways money influences humanity and the planet, and you want to apply this knowledge to government or business.

Suggestion: Major in Economics

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Be Green

You care about the impacts of our actions on the world. You want to find new ways to preserve our natural resources, and you want to change current policies to protect the environment on both local and global levels.

Suggestion: Major in Environmental Studies

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Be Purposeful

If you naturally see faster and smarter ways of doing things, you may want a career managing people, data or technological systems to produce better products. Large companies are always looking for people who do business better.

Suggestion: Major in Operations and Information Systems

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You want to help people.

If you are a compassionate person who believes in service and wants to make a difference in someone’s life, you can have a career driven by the greater good in a number of different ways.

Be an Advocate

You care about how we live together and the things that shape the way we treat each other – what is behind poverty, prejudice and the social movements that affect change and revolution in our society?

Suggestion: Major in Sociology

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Be Unstoppable

You want to overcome obstacles to improve the human condition. You want to take what you learn and work with people to improve the health and welfare of everyone.

Suggestion: Major in Public Health

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Be Inspiring

You are talented and you want to immerse yourself in your pursuit of art. You want to have a lasting impact on the lives of others by teaching or performing, two of many ways to share your love of art with others.

Suggestion: Major in Music

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You want to break the rules.

If you are an independent thinker who takes pleasure in reimagining the world, pursue a career that requires you to express yourself and invent new things.

Be a Storyteller

There is power in words. When you can command a language by using the right words in the right ways, you can affect change through influence. Discover careers related to the language arts – be a poet, a writer or even an editor.

Suggestion: Major in English

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Be Inventive

Get paid to design the next new thing. Companies hire people to design for building products, including robots.

Suggestion: Major in Mechanical Engineering

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Be a Visionary

Do you love to travel? Do you cook not just to feed but inspire your guests? Follow your passion for creating new experiences for others.

Suggestion: Major in Hospitality and Tourism Management

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You love investigating the world around you.

If you use both sides of your brain to try to make sense of the world around you, consider a program that will have you making new connections in more ways than one.

Be an Explorer

If you have a desire to explore faraway places and a curiosity for how others live, you might want to satisfy it by learning new languages and study abroad.

Suggestion: Major in World Languages and Cultures

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Be Inquisitive

Do you often wonder about the nature of things: What elements make up our world and how do they interact with their environment? These questions get at the root of our lives and work, and you may want to take a scientific approach to describe and explain our world.

Suggestion: Major in Chemistry

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Be Analytical

Do you like making meaning from images and objects to better understand the past and present? You can share this pursuit with others, either by teaching or exhibiting or creating works of art.

Suggestion: Major in Art History

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