REACH Program

The REACH (Retention Effort for All in Coming Huskies) and the Non-enrollment calling programs are supported by First- and Second-Year Experience in partnership with each College at NIU. Both programs aim to help support student transition through to the upperdivison at NIU:

  • REACH (Retention Effort for All in Coming Huskies) Wellness Check: Callers aim to provide resources, information and advice to aid in Northern Illinois University first-year students’ adjustment and transition to the campus. Calls are only made to students not already engaged in a high touch or high impact program. (Occurs the first 6-8 weeks of Fall and Spring Semester, contingent on size of calling list.)
  • Non-enrollment Calls: Callers assist students in addressing re-enrollment issues and encourage undergraduate students to register for their upcoming semester. (Occurs during Winter Interim, beginning of June, mid-July, beginning of August.)

Dependent on workload, callers will work with college staff to assist with various projects, events and services.


  • Gain significant communication and interpersonal skills while enhancing your employment marketability
  • Develop professional relationships with faculty, staff, and other students

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