Summer Camp Arrangements

Our professional staff will arrange housing, dining services, and parking for your group. We are also glad to help with arrangements for the use of other campus venues and services. We serve NIU departments and programs, community-sponsored programs for high school and university students, and external groups needing services during the summer.

For Camp/Conference Planners

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  • 2016 dates: Check-in: June 1, Check-out by August 5.
  • Dates for summer housing are determined by the NIU academic calendar.  Priority is given to NIU-sponsored programs.  If you need housing outside these dates, please contact Events & Conference Services (ECS) immediately.  We may be able to accommodate your needs; however, please keep in mind that rates will reflect extra resources.
  • Summer housing and food rates are typically determined a year in advance.  Rates are effective for the entire summer.
  • Rates are based on operational costs and assets used during the summer season and are economically and competitively priced.
  • There is an option for every budget, so please feel free to ask and compare types of rooms and types of halls.
  • For hall info, see: Residence Hall Descriptions
  • If you make a specific hall request, every effort is made to accommodate the needs of your group. However, operational issues, such as repairs and improvements, determine which halls will be available for summer service.
  • Types of populations are often grouped together in a hall to create efficiencies of space and reflect common factors among guests.
  • Overnight programs hosting guests under the age of 18 years must supply chaperones to live with the group in the hall. Please budget for your chaperones.
  • Conference Assistants are hired to support Summer Conferences. In addition to assisting with check-in and check-out, CAs are resources for your chaperones and guests and will respond to safety issues and requests. They live in the hall and staff the front desk 24/7. 
  • Summer operations function within the existing rules and regulations of the university and Student Code of Conduct (non-smoking, no alcohol or drugs, no candles, etc.). Rules and regulations may be adjusted to meet the demographics of the summer residents. This includes rules regarding hall guests, curfews, etc.
  • Once assigned to a room, guests cannot switch roommates without permission from the ECS office.
  • Rooms are supplied with a full set of furniture per guest. Beds may be bunked, lofted, or at standard height. If your guests are not able to use bunks or lofted beds, we will need to know in advance of their arrival.  ADA rooms are available.
  • Dates of service in the dining halls follow the summer semester period. Please check the Dining website to make sure the dining center is open during your dates.
  • First meal served is breakfast on June 1;last meal served is lunch on August 5.
  • Individuals may pay for dining with a credit/debit card.
  • The sponsoring entity is billed for the guaranteed meals and any additional meals above the guarantee.


Dining halls serve three meals, 7 days a week, as follows:

Breakfast: 6AM- 8AM
Lunch/Brunch: 11AM- 1PM
Dinner: 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Do your guests need meals on their own schedule?

  • The Holmes Student Center has a food court with quick options available during the day.
  • Catering or box lunches can be arranged.
  • Linen packets are available for $10 and include a pillow case, two flat sheets, two towels, and a wash cloth. For an additional charge of $2.75 per night, we will provide a pillow and blanket.
  • Microwaves and mini-fridges are in each room.
  • Laundry facilities (a wash cycle costs $1.25 and a dry cycle costs $0.75).
    • Washers and dryers only accept Huskie Bucks.  Huskie Bucks courtesy cards can be purchased for $1; at the end of the camp, you will be charged for the amount of money charged on the card.
  • Room door keys or access cards are provided to each pre-registered guest in a room.
  • Conference Staff is on hand to assist guests during their stay.
  • Wireless Internet is available in all halls. There are also ethernet ports in each bedroom; however, because they are secure connections requiring temporary user names and passwords, their use must be requested in advance.
  • Toiletries
  • Laundry supplies
  • Plate/bowl and utensils if you want to use the microwave and fridge in the room
  • Damages to rooms and to public areas in the hall will be documented and assessed to the program sponsoring the group.
  • Lost keys will be documented and assessed to the entity that registers and pays for the room. Lost key fee is $160 and covers locks to doors, new cut keys, and labor. Unreturned hall access cards are billed at $10.00 each.
  • Cancellation fees will be assessed.
  • Parking is available in lots P, PS, and W. All of the residence hall front desks have parking passes for these lots. Parking passes must be displayed at all times. The parking fee will be assessed on the group's final bill.  (Parking in other lots is available for a fee. Temporary passes can be purchased at Campus Parking Services.)
  • Groups hosting a roster of overnight guests can be invoiced at the end of the program. Housing, meals, and other services used on campus can be on one NIU invoice. A program director will be assigned to your organizer to assist with the logistics of staying on campus.
  • Minors must be accompanied by program chaperones at all times on campus. The program should have an adequate amount of chaperones for the size of the group and gender break down.
  • Chaperones with minors must have cleared a Criminal Background Check.
  • Program sponsors are to review university and residence hall rules with guests. Every residence hall will have a copy of the Student Code of Conduct and current Residence Hall Handbook available at the front office.  These guides are also available online.
  • Chaperones must stay overnight with minors in the residence hall. The program should budget for this expense. Single rooms cannot be guaranteed; chaperones may need to share rooms. Chaperones are assigned rooms near their group and on the same floor.
  • Chaperones are to supervise the minors in the halls. The program sponsoring the minors will be charged for any damages incurred in the residence hall. Conference staff will assess the damages.
  • In summer NO OVERNIGHT VISITORS are permitted. Occupants are sponsored and are known to the hall staff; visitors are not. The group sponsor will be notified if this situation arises.
  • Guests are permitted in lobby areas only and need to be met by current occupant if they go further into the hall. All guests, including parents, must be escorted by occupants to gain access inside the hall. Use the front desk to drop of items or leave messages if the person you are trying to visit is unavailable to meet.
  • Events & Conference Services (ECS) will provide sufficient staff in halls to manage check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Conference Assistants (CA) will live in the halls for the convenience of the programs and daily operation. They serve as a resource and can assist in the halls and provide campus information.
  • CAs provide instructional signage inside the building.
  • CAs will interact with chaperones on a regular basis. CAs will interact with the guests in situations that pose a risk to the facility and to others.
  • CAs will confirm individual requests of services with ECS. If a request is outside the scope of the agreement, the summer program coordinator will be consulted for budget approval.
  • CAs and other hall staff will be trained and ready to assist with emergencies.
  • Housing staff take their role seriously when considering safety inside the hall. Therefore, hall staff are trained to ask questions of people identifying themselves as guests, even parents. Staff have authority to restrict access inside the hall.
  • CAs will write Incident Reports for unusual situations occurring in the halls. A copy of the report will be provided to the program coordinator if the incident involves a member of their program.
  • Events & Conference Services (ECS) assesses your needs and works to place your group in a hall suitable for your budget, group, and dates.
  • 60-90 days prior to your program date, a group order form is sent for more complete information, and should be signed by your organizer.
  • After the group order form is returned, a contract is sent to your organizer to outline specific terms and conditions for NIU to host your program, along with documents that relate to your requested services. It should be signed by a person of authority and returned to NIU.
  • Final arrangements for your program's stay on campus are made, with guaranteed numbers and names of participants supplied 14 days prior to your program start date. ECS works closely with your organizer to ensure all details are in place to support your customers.
  • ECS invoice after the program is over, and include all services and fees on one bill.